TV Writing for Novelists

Work on the novel has been slow recently, so I’ve been stealing from the structure and clarity of TV writing to help move it forward. I picked up *tons* of useful energy from this approach. Below are some of the great links that helped me figure out the process. Often TV shows are structured with A, B, and C storylines.…

Even Giant Space Dogs Need Toys

Or: Creating a grainy shadow in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve been playing around with a new (to me) shading technique in Illustrator, using a transparent bitmap of contrasting colour to add depth. It’s explained pretty well by Don Clarke of Invisible Creature here. Took me a few goes to get exactly right, as I’m less familiar with Photoshop, and he doesn’t…

Get a website, quick!

First things first, you need a domain name. That is, you want to find a website address that is available, and meaningful to you and your audience. Generally shorter is better, and if you’re an author or artist, grabbing your name is the best. Registering and paying for this is totally separate to whatever you put on the website itself.…

Imaginary Animals

A collection of animal sketches made from found shapes. Naming help from my lovely nieces. I got Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Imaginary Animals for Christmas from the wonderful CK. This was the first exercise. A beautiful, unlocking, mind opening book. Heartily recommended.

Sketch book moments

Some fun character studies I’ve been working on recently for a new animation project I have in mind. I love how stretching different parts of the face gives characters such distinctive looks.


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