I offer two different data visualisation training courses: User Experience (UX) for data products, and Intro to data design.

UX for Data Products


This course is an introduction to User Experience design techniques for data products. It covers:

How to approach user interviews and focus the product on specific needs, rather than generic insight.

How to use competitive and internal research to improve designs.

How to develop paper prototypes and test them effectively with users.

Participants are asked to bring a data problem to the session to apply their new skills to throughout the day.


Analysts & data scientists of any type, who would like to learn how to match their work more closely to user needs.

Teams who want to tie their work to business goals and driving value, while increasing engagement with and action on their insight. 

This is a full day workshop delivered at your office.

Previous clients say:

"My team think about stakeholders differently now. They're not the enemy, we can talk to them!"

James - Head of Analytics


Introduction to Data Design


This course is an introduction to data design techniques.

How to approach structure, layout, and design questions when building reports, dashboards, and visualisations.

Techniques to support excellent visual hierarchy decisions. How to tell the user what information is important, and how the different parts are related

An introduction to data design patterns and other resources for design inspiration.

Participants are asked to bring examples of their own reports to the session. We will spend time applying the skills they learn in the workshop to their own work and developing a plan for changes.

(Sharing the report with the rest of the group is entirely voluntary!)

Who is it for?

Analysts & data scientists of any type, who would like to learn how to convey their findings more easily (and more elegantly) to stakeholders.

Teams who want a more consistent approach to presenting their findings. To make building reports faster, and more effective.

This is a half day workshop delivered at your office.

Previous attendees say:

"My team left with learnings that they have already implemented. They were all really positive and energised following the session."

Mark - Head of Finance

"The new reports they designed are so visual and easy to read. Much more engaging and simple. Good stuff."

Nick, Stores Director